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Why putting off upgrading your IT infrastructure is a big mistake

A reliable, robust IT infrastructure is an essential requirement in any business. Many business owners and managers put off upgrading for as long as possible. Yet for anyone determined to provide the best possible service to their customers and stay ahead of the competition, failing to upgrade simply isn’t an option. Letting your business plod…

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Something to think about the next time you are grabbing a coffee or a flight

We all do it.  As do our children.  When you go somewhere, especially to work, you hunt out the free WIFI like a person possessed.  Getting online as soon as possible gets you reconnected to both social media and work systems. 

However, in general, we never think about how “open and insecure” these WIFI networks are.  We never ask the provider (Coffee house, airport, even our local Clarks shoe shop) what security practices and systems they have set up to protect you.

Caldecote Primary chooses Intalect

Katy says “Both the staff and children are much happier. That’s been the biggest difference since iNTALECT took over. ICT is now less of a chore because things actually work. Confidence has been restored. There is now a plan which everyone involved is signed up to. Whilst the restored faith is in part due to iNTALECT’s work, the main driver is down to Caldecote’s attitude and desire to want to improve things. This is across the board and really is needed when needing to make your systems work for you, rather than against you. When asked what impact this new relationship has made Katy says “I have more time back in the working day as I am not being pulled in different directions. iNTALECT’s staff are knowledgeable and happy to answer any question we throw at them. It’s a breath of fresh air”