person typing on laptop

Something to think about the next time you are grabbing a coffee or a flight

We all do it.  As do our children.  When you go somewhere, especially to work, you hunt out the free WIFI like a person possessed.  Getting online as soon as possible gets you reconnected to both social media and work systems. 

However, in general, we never think about how “open and insecure” these WIFI networks are.  We never ask the provider (Coffee house, airport, even our local Clarks shoe shop) what security practices and systems they have set up to protect you.

Will the Microsoft Store feature in your trips to the big city?

Microsoft are due to open their first store in the UK and its right around the corner from the Apple store.

I’m sure there will be lovely things on show and gadgets galore to play with and perhaps, if I’m down there for a meeting I may call in.  But, if I’m with the family then museums, a walk down the south bank or watching the world go by in Covent Garden is much more fun.