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The iNTALECT story officially began in 2004.

Unofficially, we’d been on this path for much longer. It was the late 1990s when our founder, Richard Hamilton, and his business partner first discovered their passion for the tech sector. Both working in high-level IT-focused roles in blue chip organisations, the pair saw first-hand how large companies were thriving thanks to their tech. Smaller businesses, on the other hand, were struggling.

And so iNTALECT was born: a company dedicated to bringing enterprise-level solutions to small local organisations. Building up a strong and trusted team, iNTALECT fast became the Midlands’ leading IT support provider, helping businesses embrace new technologies while maximising digital security.

Today, iNTALECT works with a wide range of businesses who are serious about protecting themselves, their employees, and their customers. We partner with organisations who see cyber security as an investment and as an area of strategic value, rather than as a challenge to overcome.

In today’s digital-focused world, every business needs to be embracing tech.

And for some, it’s easy. But for most – particularly smaller businesses, and those operating in non-tech sectors – it’s yet another hurdle to overcome.

It gives us immense pride to know that we’re bridging the gap; that we’re out there helping local businesses thrive in the digital landscape, and supporting them as they grow, develop, and achieve truly great things. That’s what gets us out of bed each morning. And it’s why we’ve chosen to dedicate our professional lives and our careers to IT support and solutions.

At iNTALECT, our mission is simple: we want to be the best we can be.

At iNTALECT, our mission is simple: we want to be the best we can be. For us, that means offering the most powerful and efficient IT support and tech solutions to our clients. And we can’t do that without our people. Without our incredible team of IT experts, we wouldn’t be here to help you.

Our team may be small. But we’re mighty. Each and every one of the iNTALECT team has been hand-selected for their unique talent – from the office staff that you may speak to when you first call us up, to the field engineers that come out to your site when you’ve got a problem.

We value diversity here at iNTALECT. We’re always looking to build and grow our team with different skills and new perspectives, ensuring we’re covering all bases. This means that, no matter what IT issues you’re experiencing, we’ll have an expert onboard who specialises in that exact problem.

We fully believe that we have the best team around. And that’s why we’re the Midlands’ leading IT support partner. Armed with the right skills, talents and personalities, we’re able to deliver a professional, friendly, efficient, and personalised service which puts us ahead of the competition.

Richard Hamilton

Richard and his business partner founded iNTALECT back in 2004. He’d been working in IT since the early 90’s, and, as a self-confessed ‘IT sponge’, found it almost second nature. Richard soon discovered a passion for the industry, and was keen to continue being at the forefront of the sector as technology evolved. Today, Richard acts as our resident backup disaster recovery, cyber security, and cloud solutions expert. He takes pride in helping small businesses thrive through big tech.

Outside of the office, Richard is a keen golfer and stays fit by cycling and playing squash.

Craig Joy

Craig’s focus here at iNTALECT is on developing internal processes and technical systems to help us continually improve the delivery of services to our clients. With over 20 years of experience in the IT sector, specialising in everything from website development to large, multi-site migrations and installations, Craig is well placed to head up our technical service team. He brings everyone together to innovate, collaborate, and ensure our clients receive the best possible service.

Craig is a music lover, a keen runner, and loves sampling real ales – his guilty pleasure!

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Brendon is iNTALECT’s expert field engineer, which means he usually spends more time out of the office than in it. You’ll find Brendon hopping around multiple client sites, checking everything’s running smoothly, undertaking hands-on maintenance, and working alongside in-house teams on exciting IT projects. Brendon is a real people person, and loves spending time with customers, learning about their systems and ways of working, and fixing any issues they’ve been experiencing.

Brendon’s passion in life is his family – although he does manage to squeeze in some beer & football!

Lisa Howes

Lisa is responsible for keeping the iNTALECT office up and running. She handles all aspects of office administration, including accounts, payroll, personnel, and health & safety. While she doesn’t consider herself particularly ‘tech-minded’, Lisa has exactly what it takes to manage an office of IT professionals, and is a natural at communicating both with our customers and our engineers. Lisa is always there to provide the support our engineers need to help our customers in the best way.

Family-focused Lisa loves being creative, sewing and knitting amazing items to sell online.

James Stott

James joined the iNTALECT family in 2008, and today acts as both an account manager and engineer. His primary responsibility is to ensure that any issues that are logged by our customers are received and dealt with in a timely manner, and have a satisfactory outcome. James is committed to making sure every client has the sort of experience they’d expect from us. Having had an interest in IT ever since he received his first computer, this is the ideal role for James, and he excels in it.

In his free time, you’ll find James listening to music, or cheering on his team, Leicester City FC.

James Wright

James joined our team in 2010 and works as our experienced, in-house IT support engineer, helping clients overcome all their technical issues – no matter how complicated! This is a great role for James, who is naturally a very logical thinker. When faced with a challenge, James doesn’t just give up. He’s constantly looking for answers, and continually trying to solve even the most complex problems. Most importantly, he’s always willing to pass the answers on to our clients when they need them.

In his spare time, James is usually with his friends, listening to music, or learning new skills.

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