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How safe is your password?

Are you guilty of using one of the most common, easy-to-guess passwords in the world?

If you use ‘123456’, ‘admin’, ‘abc123’, ‘111111’, ‘password’, or ‘unknown’, the answer is ‘yes’!

While these are all very easy to remember, they’re also incredibly easy to hack simply through brute force. The longer and more complex your login credentials, the harder they are to hack.

So just how safe are your passwords? You can find out right here. Enter your password into the tool below to see how long it would take for a cyber criminal to figure it out using automated software.

Safety Notice

Please note that this system is completely safe, secure and trusted. When you enter your password above, your information is not logged, tracked, or sent to any other destination, online or offline.

If your password is not secure, we recommend changing it immediately to something longer and more complex. While this may mean your password is harder to remember, we can help by setting you up with a dedicated password manager which safely stores your passwords on your behalf.

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