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Security-Focused Support When You Need It Most

When you’re running a business, you’ll know that preventing downtime is absolutely critical. But it’s often easier said than done. Unexpected issues can create major obstacles. And the truth is that the more technologies modern businesses embrace, the more likely they are to experience problems. Let us help.

We offer IT support services with a difference. We provide dedicated support to demystify your IT setup, keep your systems up and running, and get you back on track if anything goes awry. And we do all this with cyber security at the forefront. From on-site maintenance to resolving issues in cloud-based software, everything we do is designed to keep you operational and secure.

With our managed IT service, all the support you need is included, for one monthly price.

What you need is, of course, up to you. We’ll work with you to tailor your package to best suit your needs. You may need just a helping hand to complement the work of your own in-house team. Or you may want us to step in and become your dedicated IT partner, handling everything for you.

Whatever you choose, we offer proactive monitoring as standard. By continually keeping an eye on what’s happening, we’re able to resolve small issues before you even know they’re there. And for those times when you do run into an unexpected event, we’re right here, ready to step in.

Unlike others, we don’t operate a call centre where your issues get logged and passed to the next available engineer. Instead, we’ll direct you to the most suitable expert for the task at hand, ensuring your tech issues are dealt with by someone experienced in that area for a speedy resolution.

Seamless Operations

Make downtime a thing of the past. Instead, ensure you’re always available when your customers need you most. With continual, proactive monitoring, we’ll nip small issues in the bud before you even know they’re there. And if things do go wrong, we’ll work to have you up and running quickly.

Complete Transparency

Fed up with never knowing the status of your ticket? At iNTALECT, we provide each customer with their own personalised portal, allowing them to keep track of progress from start to finish. We value transparency, and we’re dedicated to communicating with our clients in an open, honest manner.

Greater Productivity

As you embrace new technologies, your IT environment will be growing bigger and bigger. And it can take a lot of valuable resources to manage it all. Let us handle it instead. Free your top talent up for more productive tasks, and let them do what you hired them to do… not spend all day fixing issues!

Peace of Mind

Rest easy, safe in the knowledge that your IT is in the best possible hands: ours! We’ve hand-selected our experienced team of engineers to ensure we’ve always got a diverse set of skills on hand for whatever issues may pop up. We’ll get you back on track fast.

We’ve helped businesses like yours embrace tech with confidence

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Ready to Begin?

From managed IT support to dedicated solutions such as cyber security, disaster recovery, VoIP, and more, we’ve got everything you need. We know that risk exists within every industry. But we don’t view risk as a roadblock. We see it as a challenge that can easily be overcome with creative thinking.

Why not do the same, taking full control of your risk with a little help from iNTALECT?