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Proactive protection for your business, your employees, and your customers

Keeping You Safe in the Digital Space

From employee bank details to customer credit card numbers, the amount of sensitive data that businesses hold is increasing at a rapid rate. What would happen if that data was lost? Or stolen? Corrupted, or inaccessible? How would your business be impacted? Your staff? Your customers?


No matter how big your company, or what sector you operate within, risk is always present. We can’t eliminate it. Especially at a time when cyber criminals are utilising more advanced and sophisticated techniques than ever before. What we can do, however, is reduce that risk as much as possible. 


Through our services, our mission is to:


  • Identify: Improve familiarity with the particular risks in your business or industry
  • Protect: Implement powerful solutions to strengthen your digital defences
  • Detect: Continually monitor for early signs of threats
  • Respond: Trigger timely responses to minimise the impact of an attack
  • Recover: Help you get back on your feet swiftly should the worst happen

At iNTALECT, we know that no two businesses are the same.

This is why we offer flexible solutions that can be tailored to individual needs. These bespoke solutions can be built from a combination of both gateway protection and endpoint security services, which address two points of vulnerability.

Gateway protection services are designed to reduce the risk of cyber criminals gaining access to your network. We may recommend solutions such as business-grade firewalls and traffic filtering – along with best practices like optimising router settings and adopting a zero trust policy for network access.

Endpoint security services are designed to prevent cyber criminals gaining access to your data, even if they’re in your network. This focuses on devices and equipment – your servers, PCs and laptops, for example – securing them with application control, threat detection, and encryption tools.

Boost Your Reputation

Cyber security is a strategic necessity. As customers seek to partner with businesses demonstrating a commitment to digital safety, a strong cyber security policy can act as a powerful differentiator, helping you to stand out from the competition.

Reduce Costs

Improving the cyber security of your business can put extra demands on your budget. But the question you need to ask yourself is, ‘Can we really afford not to?’. The truth is that the costs of recovering from a breach can be much more than the costs of preventing one, so you could be making massive savings.

Strengthen Your Position

Cyber criminals are continually on the lookout for vulnerable victims that can be exploited quickly and easily. The best way to make yourself an unattractive target? Strengthening your cyber security position. The stronger your defences, the less likely criminals are to try breaking into your network.

Sleep Easy

Give yourself complete peace of mind that you’re doing everything within your power to protect your business, your employees, and your customers. Enjoy the confidence that comes with knowing you’re implementing the right solutions, at the right time, for optimal data protection.

We’ve helped businesses like yours embrace tech with confidence

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Ready to Begin?

From managed IT support to dedicated solutions such as cyber security, disaster recovery, VoIP, and more, we’ve got everything you need. We know that risk exists within every industry. But we don’t view risk as a roadblock. We see it as a challenge that can easily be overcome with creative thinking.

Why not do the same, taking full control of your risk with a little help from iNTALECT?