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Getting You Back on Your Feet

Taking a security-first approach to digital operations is the most powerful way to reduce risk. But even highly secure businesses can be vulnerable to a breach or other event causing data loss.

From human error to accidental damage, and from floods and fires to highly sophisticated cyber attacks, there could be anything lurking around the corner. Of course, we all hope for the best. But we need to plan for the worst. Being prepared is key to emerging in as strong a position as possible on the other side.

So if something does go wrong, what do you do?

You access your backed-up files and implement your contingency plan; the two critical elements of disaster recovery. At iNTALECT, we’re here to make backups and recovery quick, easy and affordable.

Our very own iCONTINUE solution takes a two-pronged approach to disaster recovery

1. Data backup

We schedule regular, automated backups of your sensitive business data and manage these backups so you don’t have to. In case of a lost, stolen or damaged device, or corruption of data, this ensures you’re able to get your files and folders back quickly and easily, gaining access to critical resources. 


2. Disaster recovery

Accessing lost data is just one part of the solution. Our disaster recovery solutions ensure that you’re able to utilise this lost data to get your business back on the right track following an event. We work with you to develop a continuity and contingency plan, should the worst happen.

Business as Usual

In the event of a disaster, it’s not just your business that’s impacted; it’s your customers, too. With a solid plan in place, you can implement measures that get you back to ‘business as usual’ quickly.

Protect Reputation

Customers trust businesses to care for the data they share with them. Data loss can break that trust. With strategic backup and contingency plans, organisations can minimise the impact on their reputation.

Protect Revenue

What happens if you can’t gain access to your systems? You could lose existing orders – or not be able to take new ones – meaning your customers turn to competitors. We ensure that doesn’t happen.

Peace of Mind

Don’t lie awake at night worrying about data loss. Instead, enjoy complete peace of mind that, if it does happen to you, you’re prepared for it.

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From managed IT support to dedicated solutions such as cyber security, disaster recovery, VoIP, and more, we’ve got everything you need. We know that risk exists within every industry. But we don’t view risk as a roadblock. We see it as a challenge that can easily be overcome with creative thinking.

Why not do the same, taking full control of your risk with a little help from iNTALECT?