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2FA / MFA Multi Factor Authentication is Critical to your Business Reputation

Be Smart and Use 2FA

Apart from using strong passwords Which you should do, the smartest thing you can do to keep your online accounts and business systems safe is to use two-factor authentication (2FA / MFA) everywhere it’s offered. Two-factor authentication requires you to have a second form of identifying information — for example, a code generated by an app on your phone — this is in addition to your primary password you use to login, therefore making it substantially more difficult for a modern-day nightmare to get into your account. In fact, in 2019 a Microsoft Report said it reduces automated attacks by 99.9%

One of the best apps for managing two-factor authentication on Android for example is Twillo Authy (the best part is it’s free). The program is better than Google’s own Authenticator offering with a modern, intuitive design that makes it super easy to find and copy codes for any number of 2FA-enabled accounts. It has handy advanced features like backup/restore function, as well as support for app-level fingerprint protection, too, and you can even set Authy up to function on multiple devices — including, if you’re so inclined, your desktop computer. Its also on Apple in the App store

In business however the majority of clients want to be enforced with 2FA / MFA. To make sure staff are following the corporate policy. Along with integrations into well-known systems such as Office 365, Active Directory, Salesforce and many more. iNTALECT can help your business deploy 2FA / MFA and can help you construct a solid Cyber Security Plan for your business. So, get in touch for any help and advice.

Also, quick question.

Do you use the same password at lots of places online?

If you do (you shouldn’t)

The reason is, online sites get hacked all the time. It’s in the news all the time.

So, say you used your email address to log into a few years ago or LinkedIn or more recently Facebook, and still use that password now in for example Office 365, then it’s only a matter of time something attempts to login as you and breach your account. Or maybe they login to Amazon as you and order some stuff.  So you can see if you use 2FA chances are that wouldn’t happen as they would not have the 2nd factor part to the login.

If you would like to know if your email accounts have been breached at a 3rd party site. You can use our checking tool on our website here

If you are interested in some of the biggest 3rd party user credential leaks in the last 10 years see here

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