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Cyber Security Awareness Training – What Is It?

The Human Firewall – End User Cyber Security Awareness Training – What is it? Cyber Security Awareness Training has been around for years, but what is it?Here at iNTALECT your local Trusted IT Partner in the East Midlands, It is now more critical than ever to any business to empower your employees to be the […]

Cyber Hygiene Training Videos for your Staff

Cyber Hygiene – What is it? If you have been looking at improving your companies Cyber Security lately. Then chances are you have probably come across the phrase Cyber Hygiene. But what does it mean? In simple terms, cyber hygiene is the steps and practices every organisation should take to ensure good digital health and […]

2FA / MFA Multi Factor Authentication is Critical to your Business Reputation

Be Smart and Use 2FA Apart from using strong passwords Which you should do, the smartest thing you can do to keep your online accounts and business systems safe is to use two-factor authentication (2FA / MFA) everywhere it’s offered. Two-factor authentication requires you to have a second form of identifying information — for example, […]

Backup and Disaster Recovery Plans: Business Essentials

Nobody said that running a business was easy or stress-free. But few things are as terrifying as waking up one morning, going to the office (whether that office is inside or outside your home today) and finding that all of your data is gone and you’re locked out. Cybersecurity professionals have been known to spontaneously […]

Why Should I CYBER ESSENTIALS Certify?

Why you need to be certified for Cyber Essentials Cyber Essentials is a UK Government-backed scheme that certifies you and your organisation as being cybersecurity ready. Whilst the need to attain Cyber Essentials is not legally binding (with the exception of certain government contracts), the benefits it can provide can far outweigh the costs. The […]

I Know your PASSWORD

I KNOW YOUR PASSWORD OK sorry I lied but wanted to grab your attention its very important, I don’t personally know it, but potentially there’s plenty of people or autobots who do. Read On to find out more. It could save you thousands. Plus, there is free offer at the bottom for our clients. Humans […]

3 in 4 staff would fail a simple password check

One of the most common ways hackers find their way into businesses is by brute force cracking passwords. This is where they try millions of variations of simple words, characters and numbers.  Even if you think your passwords are secure and unguessable, what about your staff? Are you sure there’s no-one using Password1234 to access […]

Hacking. Our advice as discussed on BBC Radio Leicester

Our Operations Director Andy Viner had the pleasure of being invited onto the mid-morning show on BBC Radio Leicester on the 14th November. He discussed the dangers of hacking and how to keep you and your business safe. If you missed it don’t worry you can listen to his interview below: When you think of […]