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Why Should I CYBER ESSENTIALS Certify?

Why you need to be certified for Cyber Essentials

Cyber Essentials is a UK Government-backed scheme that certifies you and your organisation as being cybersecurity ready. Whilst the need to attain Cyber Essentials is not legally binding (with the exception of certain government contracts), the benefits it can provide can far outweigh the costs. The government’s own cybersecurity website describes the majority of cybercrime as “the equivalent of a thief trying your front door to see if it’s unlocked.”

Now, should a chancer find that to be the case with your business, then you can potentially find yourself in great trouble. Aside from the loss of trust from your customers and clients, there’s also the risk of potentially falling short of GDPR or any other data regulation laws, and the monumental fines that come with that. So whilst Cyber Essentials Certification is not, in and of itself essential legally, it might as well be for all the benefits it gives you.

The scheme itself has been in place since 2014 and meeting the requirements to become certified will see your business protected against at least 80% of all cyberattacks. Not only that, companies without Cyber Essentials are more likely to stand out to potential hackers as being particularly vulnerable – and who’s going to try and raid Fort Knox when the shop next door has forgotten to lock their doors? Here are a few other benefits to getting Cyber Essentials certified:

Reassuring existing clients and attracting new ones

Put simply, if your potential customers or clients are keen to ensure their data is secure (and let’s face it, any smart one should be keen), then they will appreciate certification. It shows them that you are serious about your quality level and what you do. Even if you’re not a tech company per se and lack the required knowledge to get certified in-house, getting certification shows that you’re willing to invest in the future of your business and that of your clients.

Clarity of Options

Certification gives you the ability to see exactly where you and your business sit in the cybersecurity department. The actual process will give you the ability to improve your online security, with a complete understanding of where you have gone wrong in the past and where you stand to improve for the future. In short, you’re forced to up your game.

Access to UK government contracts

Obviously, this doesn’t apply to everybody, but some government contracts require the bidding company to be Cyber Essentials certified. If your business does not involve government contracts, you may find potential clients unwilling to work with you without certification – which of course will lead to a loss of revenue.

The process for getting Cyber Essentials certification is fairly simple. Companies fill out a self-assessment which is then checked by a qualified external body. If you’re not sure how to implement the controls and processes needed for Cyber Essentials, that’s where we come in. Intalect can provide you with all the tools and expertise you need to get Cyber Essentials certified.

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