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Cyber Hygiene Training Videos for your Staff

Cyber Hygiene – What is it?

If you have been looking at improving your companies Cyber Security lately. Then chances are you have probably come across the phrase Cyber Hygiene.

But what does it mean?

In simple terms, cyber hygiene is the steps and practices every organisation should take to ensure good digital health and protect themselves against cyber threats.

Please look at each video in order to help in aiding you learn how to spot a potential Cyber Security Risk.

Video 1 – Hackers and Cyber Security

This video demonstrates how easy it is for a hacker to gain access to your computer and your company Data / Network. Or it could be your home computer, as it’s not unique to business computing.

Video 2 – The Threats that Exist Within Your Business

The second video takes a look at the cyber security threats that face your business from withing you organisation.

Video 3 – What Can You Do to Keep Your Business Safe

This final video is the most important. It covers 3 key areas to keep your business’s data safe.

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