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Cyber Security Awareness Training – What Is It?

The Human Firewall – End User Cyber Security Awareness Training – What is it?

Cyber Security Awareness Training has been around for years, but what is it?
Here at iNTALECT your local Trusted IT Partner in the East Midlands, It is now more critical than ever to any business to empower your employees to be the last line in defence in stopping a Cyber Security Threat, a data breach or a ransomware attack. Cyber Security Awareness Training does this, but what is it, read on and watch the video to learn more.

If you use a computer and you use email, then you need to be aware.

But I have a Firewall I hear you say, and then I have DNS protection, Web Filtering, Email Filtering, ATP, EDR the list goes on.

All that Multi-Layer protection is great and it’s the right thing to do. But something might get through one day. So you have to be ready and aware.

We are all busy, we all get lots of emails. It’s the end of the month, accounts are finalising payroll, invoicing etc and before you know it they click on an email and bang. OMG you just had your systems breached. But did you notice?

Anyway, I’m pretty sure you understand what I am getting at here. You need to empower your staff to be the human firewall for your business and have awareness for everyday life in the Cyber World.

To find out more take 8 mins and watch the video below. For more information and the low-cost pricing just drop us an email at

If you get an email or something that seems iffy on your computer, it probably is. Just ask your IT Team and they will be happy to check for you. If you need advice let us know here at iNTALECT as happy to help.

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